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Currencies available in our Travelex stores

If you’re setting off on a holiday, you’ll need to exchange some foreign currency for the trip and as the world’s leading foreign exchange specialists, we can help!

Simply visit one of our Travelex stores located throughout China's major Airport and pick up the currency you need at a great price.

Currencies available in our Travelex stores
Stores in China

Stores in China

Our stores offer currencies based on stock availability, so please check at your nearest store to confirm if the currency you require is available at the store. Our stores always display the current exchange rates in order for you to check the latest price on the offer.

Currencies available in Travelex China

Our Travelex stores in China offer an impressive 40+ currencies for sale – Currencies are listed below:

UAE Dirham

Australian Dollar

Bahraini Dinar

Brazilian Real

Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc

Danish Kroner

Egyptian Pound

European Euro

United Kingdom Pound

Hong Kong Dollar

Indonesian Rupiah

Indian Rupee

Japanese Yen

South Korean Won

Laotian Kip

Sri Lankan Rupee

Macau Pataca

Mexican Peso

Malaysian Ringgit

Norwegian Kroner

Nepalese Rupee

New Zealand Dollar

Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Philippine Peso

Qatari Rial

Russian Roubles

Swedish Krona

Singaporean Dollar

Thai Baht

Turkish Lira (NEW)

Taiwanese Dollar

United States Dollar

Vietnamese Dong

South African Rand

Pakistani Rupee

Czech Koruna

Polish Zloty

Hungarian Forint

Saudi Riyal

Omani Rial

Kazakhstani Tenge